Great News!

Yard Sale Fundraiser for National American MissHi everyone! :)

Thank you SO much to all of my current sponsors and those looking to become a sponsor, I’m so amazed with the support I’ve received!

Our garage sale last Saturday went really well despite some rain near the end! We reached our goal and still have items left over- we’re hoping to hold another one in a couple of months when the weather will be nice again. :)

I’m ALSO extremely excited to be going to LA this weekend!!! I’ll be dress shopping with my coach (fingers Yard Sale Fundraiser for National American Misscrossed we find the perfect dress!) and on Saturday I will be attending an open house for the College of Agriculture at Cal Poly POMONA. I’m hoping to hear back from the admissions office soon after that, but either way, it will be a great trip.

The pageant is getting closer, time to start practicing! :) Thank you everyone! I’ll update you this weekend about the trip to LA!

:) Alia

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