Big News!

@ depositphotos/willeecoleHi everyone! :) We just found out that the National American Miss 2015 California pageant is going to be held in Southern California this year, because there is no longer a separate pageant for Northern California. That means we will be having to travel! I recently found out that I placed 7th out of 100 girls at last year’s pageant, and I know that with practice and dedication, I’ll place even higher this year and possibly place in the top 5 for the whole STATE this time! I’m so excited and I am already preparing for it. The pageant is going to be AMAZING! :)

But in addition to being in Southern California, the prices and fees have also increased. If you or anyone you know is able to sponsor me for the National American Miss 2015 pageant, it would help me to be able to compete because we were not expecting these aditional costs.

Sponsorship options are listed on my website above, and we have also set up a Go Fund Me site for additional help as well as a garage sale at a later date. Anything you can do will make a huge difference. I wouldn’t be able to compete without the help of businesses, friends, and family. Thank you for making my dream of becoming the next Miss California Teen come true. :)

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