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I am 17 years old and attend Technology High School as a Senior. I have a high interest in science and plan to study Animal Health Science in college and become a Veterinary Technologist. My top choices for college is Cal Poly Pomona because of its specialty in Animal Health Science and the ability to graduate ready to go before the boards as a Vet Tech. I am enjoying my time at Tech High, especially in the integrated science and engineering classes.

Program-AliaSalomon8x10headshotI enjoy research and solving problems related to nature and living things. I recently was one of 6 finalists in our Synopsis Sonoma County Science Fair, and was sponsored by Synopsis to move on to the California State Science Fair in Los Angeles. My project was on the differences between bay and coastal hermit crabs. I received an Honorable Mention in 6th place for the Zoology category!

My interest in science started young. In middle school I was also a finalist in the Sonoma County Science Fair and was selected to move on to the Regional San Francisco Science Fair. My project back then was on determining what material is best for cleaning up oil spills in the ocean. For 8th grade I even earned my school’s only “8th Grade Best” Science Award. Recreationally, I have taken 2 years of ballroom dancing lessons through Nordquist Dance Studio in Santa Rosa.

When I attended Analy High School sophomore year I was a cheerleader. At Tech High School I played Volleyball Junior year. I help out wherever I can in our community. For example, I am active in my church’s teen youth group. I enjoy contributing to service projects through our church and was sponsored to attend a national youth leadership conference in 2013.

I have been volunteering at the Rohnert Park Animal Shelter off and on for 4 years. I have a part time job at a local steak house as a Hostess and enjoy meeting new people. I would love to answer any questions you might have about me. Feel free to contact me any time!

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