April 2015

Hi everyone! :) there are 3 months until the National American Miss California Teen pageant in southern California! I’ve been busy practicing my personal introduction and walking around the house in my formal wear heels. My pageant gown is hanging in my bedroom and I can already see myself wearing it on stage, along with my new interview dress and surprisingly comfortable heels I found :)

I’d like to once again thank my AMAZING sponsors!! I’m so lucky to have people in my life that support my goals and dreams and help me achieve them. I can never thank all of you enough, and I’m looking forward to giving my all pageant weekend, and in the short time leading up to it. :) <3 I am still raising money and welcoming new sponsors, as well as planning one final garage sale to cover hotel costs and any unexpected costs that may come up. The garage sale is going to be in late May, and I’m hoping for it to be as successful as the last :)

In other news, there are less than 30 school days until I graduate high school!! It seems unreal and before we know it, I’ll be heading off to college. I’m currently wait listed at my top school, Cal Poly Pomona, and was accepted at Chico State University  last winter. The deadline to commit to a school is coming up soon, so unless I hear back from Cal Poly, imageI’ll be accepting the offer from Chico State to become a wildcat :)


Senior year has been fun so far and I’ll definitely miss iet once it’s over. My senior class just completed our “cardboard boat project”, in which groups have to build a functioning, water proof boat completely made out of cardboard, duct tape, and a few other approved items. It went well, but the primary goal is to have fun, so the project’s success or failure will not affect our grades :) Our grades are solely based off our senior projects. My group is working on a 2-in-1 fertilization and sprinkler system- I’m in charge of marketing and PR.

Oh! Another wonderful part of senior year: PROM! I had the best night with a group of friends at the Villa Chanticleer, and there’s nothing I would change about it :) The venue, my friends, the dress, the music, everything was perfect! I went with my best friend and we had a blast. At the end of the night, my group of 11 friends and I went to Sharis for dessert, and at the end of our meal, we were told that someone anonymously paid for our groups entire tab!! It was so special for all of us and definitely made for an unforgettable ending to the perfect night!

Thank you all so much for your support, I’ll keep you updated on my journey to becoming your next Miss California Teen!

Love, Alia


Great News!

Yard Sale Fundraiser for National American MissHi everyone! :)

Thank you SO much to all of my current sponsors and those looking to become a sponsor, I’m so amazed with the support I’ve received!

Our garage sale last Saturday went really well despite some rain near the end! We reached our goal and still have items left over- we’re hoping to hold another one in a couple of months when the weather will be nice again. :)

I’m ALSO extremely excited to be going to LA this weekend!!! I’ll be dress shopping with my coach (fingers Yard Sale Fundraiser for National American Misscrossed we find the perfect dress!) and on Saturday I will be attending an open house for the College of Agriculture at Cal Poly POMONA. I’m hoping to hear back from the admissions office soon after that, but either way, it will be a great trip.

The pageant is getting closer, time to start practicing! :) Thank you everyone! I’ll update you this weekend about the trip to LA!

:) Alia

It’s time for another yard sale!

We are having a yard sale this Saturday! If you are near Sonoma County, CA stop by and see us. We have collected all kinds of things from friends and family who are supporting me in going to the state pageant! Here are some pictures from last year, and the ad we have going right now. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions!
(The pictures are from last year – we have new things this time!)

IMG_8946 IMG_8943

Craigslist Ad:
Your local National American Miss California Teen contestant, Alia Salomon, is hosting a garage sale at 8am (no early birds) on Saturday February 28 ONLY. Starts at 8am – NO early birds please.

– Toys, fun and educational
– Wii Games for Kids
– Disney DVDs
– Large felt boards for teaching
– China Set for 4 (Blue Danube)
– Women’s and Men’s clothing (XL)
– Teen girl clothing (size S/M)
– Boy clothing (size 8-10)
– Childrens books
– Costume Jewelry
– Handbags
– Womens Shoes (Size 8-9)
– Business/entrepreneur books
– Household items
– Halloween Costumes
– Seasonal decor
– Bake sale
– Baseball Cards
– Football Cards
– Yard lights
– Computer Printer
– Compression tester
– Motor oil
– Vaccuum tester
– More!

The proceeds benefit Alia who is a California State Finalist in the National American Miss pageant to be held in July in Southern California. Alia is your reigning State Ambassador hopes to represent California in the National competition in 2015. Your purchase helps a young girl learn leadership skills and achieve her dream. Find out more about the NAMISS program at www.namiss.com

Come to the 800 block of Santa Dorotea Circle in Rohnert Park, CA on Saturday February 28th at 8am!

My life during senior year

Alia SalomonThank you so much to everyone who’s supported me on my journey so far! :) The pageant is getting closer and closer, and I’m so excited! I am still looking for some more sponsors due to traveling expenses and additional fees, but I am so blessed to have amazing people in my life to help me. :)

Things are moving really fast and I’ve been busy, not only with the pageant but also with school! I applied to 4 colleges in California, and I was accepted into Chico state already! I’m primarily waiting on Cal Poly Pomona, because they have a 4 year veterinary technologist program that would allow me to have more hands on experience working with animals than any other school! I should know which school I will be attending by this April.

I’m also excited to announce that I got my ears re-pierced!! :) I’ve had them pierced twice in the past, but the holes wouldn’t heal and I had allergic reactions. It’s been 4 years since the last time, and a few days ago I decided to try again! :) I went to Matchless Tatoo in Sebastopol and had a great experience! He used Titanium posts and so far I haven’t had any complications, so I’m hoping they will heal perfectly.

In other news, my school recently had its annual “CAPA night” where teachers and staff reenact an engineering failure, for which we will have to determine the root cause. The failure of the Columbia space shuttle reenactment was from 6pm until 10pm, and our executive summary determining how the problem could have been prevented and the cause, was due the next morning. It was a very long night with friends full of soda and phone chargers! haha

Another major endeavor going on this year is our Senior Project. At my school, in small groups we create a mock company, invent a product, and build a business around it including business plan, research and development, marketing and PR, financial plan, and production. The company my group created is working on a cool watering system for lawns. My job is marketing and PR. This is a year long project that teaches us all about running a company.

I will continue to keep you updated on my life and progress towards becoming your next Miss California Teen! Thank you for your interest and support!

Big News!

@ depositphotos/willeecoleHi everyone! :) We just found out that the National American Miss 2015 California pageant is going to be held in Southern California this year, because there is no longer a separate pageant for Northern California. That means we will be having to travel! I recently found out that I placed 7th out of 100 girls at last year’s pageant, and I know that with practice and dedication, I’ll place even higher this year and possibly place in the top 5 for the whole STATE this time! I’m so excited and I am already preparing for it. The pageant is going to be AMAZING! :)

But in addition to being in Southern California, the prices and fees have also increased. If you or anyone you know is able to sponsor me for the National American Miss 2015 pageant, it would help me to be able to compete because we were not expecting these aditional costs.

Sponsorship options are listed on my website above, and we have also set up a Go Fund Me site for additional help as well as a garage sale at a later date. Anything you can do will make a huge difference. I wouldn’t be able to compete without the help of businesses, friends, and family. Thank you for making my dream of becoming the next Miss California Teen come true. :)

Pictures from NAMISS 2014 California North

I am excited that I was invited to compete again in 2015 and just found out that according to my final scores, I was actually in 7th place overall for 2014 in addition to being crowned State Ambassador! I was reviewing last year’s pictures and realized that I had never put them on my website. Click below to see the photo album from the 2014 National American Miss California (North) Pageant! I can’t wait to compete again!


NAMISS California North Alia Salomon

I had so much fun at NAMISS!

What a weekend! It was so exciting and fun!  I placed in the Top 20 out of 105 contestants in the Teen division and am now a California State Ambassador with crown, sash and official Ambassador trophy!

I also placed as 1st runner up for Best Thank You Letter, 2nd runner up for Actress, and 4th runner up for Spokesmodel Speech! I also earned the Portfolio Award and Spirit of America Award! 

Thank you again for all my NAMISS sponsors who have been supporting me all along the way! For my first pageant ever I am really happy!

Because of making top 5 in the optional competitions, I have been invited to compete in the National All-American Miss pageant at Disneyland in the Fall, and will be making my decision soon! In the mean time I am proud to be a State Ambassador!

Here is a playlist with videos of my performances. If you click on the top left you can choose which one to watch. I would love to know what you think!